We are proud to support the #TerraCarta of The former Prince of Wales’ Sustainable Markets Initiative

About We

Sustainable WΕ helps you to become more conscious, innovative and sustainable! No matter whether you are complete newcomers to sustainable practices or already in the journey, this knowledge- based community will provide you tailored solutions to make an impact. WE are a community of creative minds that unite forces for an ethical, green and digital transition. Using as impactful tools the transformative power of the UN and institutional progress such as the SDGs as well as the engaging power of culture, media and creativity, WE establish our foundation on scientific and social research to inspire our community of thinkers and doers. Together WE work with enthusiasm, with businesses, NGOs, policy makers, universities, citizens society and all stakeholders towards our vision. Designing our new real and digital prosperity and crafting our fair and sustainable future!

What We Do

We are sustainability & innovation enthusiasts, thinkers & doers.

We like to introduce ourselves through our works and activities.

Afterall, WHO WE ARE equals what we do. So...

Designing Future Entrepreneurship

Sustainability business performance and transition projects, Tailor-made business solutions

Transforming our Mindset

Training programs and experience-based best practices, educational activities and lifelong learning practices

Engaging & Impacting

We develop communications strategies and human -led stories to bring sustainable development to life. Networking & Social Engagement, Creativity & Innovation.

Research & Development

We are in the era of making sustainable development happen based on bioeconomy and circular economy solutions. Science matters!

Policy Μaking

Policies to enhance and promote sustainable development, designed to do no harm.

WE Value

We act in ways that respect dignity, uniqueness, and intrinsic worth of every person – our partners, donors, our co-workers and their families, boards, and volunteers. We practice a participative, open, enabling style in working relationships.


WE Value

We promote the preservation of the planet. We encourage our professionals to implement the SDGs. Nature is essential to the future of the planet, but natural resources are being used up faster than the Earth can replace them. We can make better decisions that benefit businesses, society and the planet as a whole.


WE Value

The world is changing at a fantastic speed. The future requires people who can problem-solve, adapt and communicate in workplaces and environments that are increasingly complex. Creativity creates jobs and provides answers to societal needs. And it also maximizes human potential.


WE Value

Science, technology, innovation, and partnerships are vital to solve 21st century problems. Scientific research produces discoveries to improve lives and societies; technological breakthroughs revolutionize commerce and knowledge-sharing; and innovation inspires people to seek new solutions to persistent problems.



If you and your organization/company,/university are interested in creating solutions for a sustainable future and act on system change we would love to get in touch. Contact us for collaborative opportunities.

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    Sustainable WE is located in the Old Town of Kyparissia, a preserved traditional human settlement of UNESCO, which due to its historical value, is part of the Greek and European cultural heritage. Throughout history it's residents achieved to integrate the Old City of Kyparissia into the body of the modern city of Kyparissia, so that it became a living and integral part of it with functionality and utility for local community and with respect to the surrounding biodiversity.

    The ancient Greek town Kyparissia was already mentioned by Homer in his Iliad.

    Plateia Arkadias 7, Old Town Kyparissia 24500 Greece
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